In my free time I love playing video games, an hobby that leads me to be very competitive even outside the basketball court.

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I play almost every night at COD (Call Of Duty) before I go to sleep and I have accomplished a record of 21 kills; I have a lot of fun and i try constantly to improve my records. When I’m with friends, however, I prefer to play NBA 2K; when I used to play in the NBA I always chose myself and my performance was the best of the whole team. Since I’ve been in Europe, however, I often choose Lakers or Celtics. So far I have challenged all my friends and the only detail I remember of the games played is that no one has yet managed to beat me. Do You want to challenge me?

I've loved music since when I was a child, a passion that was passed on to me by my cousins and brothers.

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I approached to rap and hip-hop by listening to the song of my musical idols, Tupac and Jay-Z songs. For some years now I have also been composing some beats that I publish on Apple Music and use to charge my self before the games.


Since 2012 I am a professional basketball player, playing the center role with the jersey of the Fortitudo Bologna, historic Italian Club. I have always been attached to my family and to the values it has passed down to me, based on the sincerity, respect and ethics of work.


Since when I was a child, thanks also to the school, I approached basketball, a sport that I immediately liked. When I could, I used to watch Michael Jordan’s games, Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett, the players who became my idols; for years I trained myself trying to imitate their actions on the field.

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Simultaneously to basketball, I became interested in music, a true partner during my days ; I especially I listened (and listen) to rap and hip-hop, involved by the rhymes of Jay-Z and Tupac. Between music and basketball courts, when I was 12, I scored my first hoop in a game, it was an unforgettable moment.


When I was 14, I realized I could become a professional basketball player because of my physical and athletic skills.

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To enter into the pro world I should have worked hard, with passion and dedication. The idea had fascinated me and I set myself the goal of getting to be an NBA player. I was lucky enough to grow a lot during the high school in Mt. Saint Joseph, one of the most beautiful times of my life, both in terms of human and basket: in St. Joseph I won the State Title,the memory of that moment is still really vivid. I was one of the most promising young people in the country and this earned me a scholarship from Georgetown, a College that allowed me to make the important transition in growth from boy to man and from player to professional athlete. There I played in NCAA Division 1 with the Hoyas from 2008 to 2012, four years in which I faced the best talents of the whole nation and that gave me the opportunity to raise the bar to become a pro player. In 2008 we won the title in the Big East and in my senior year I was included in the best quintet of the Conference, an award that permitted me to end my university career in the best way.


At the end of college, my professional career began in 2012 with Erie Bayhawks' jersey in the NBA Development League.

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I worked hard during the training sessions, both on the field and in the gym, and a few months later I finally made my debut in the NBA with the New Orleans hornets jersey: I had become an NBA player! Next season, I played with the Cleveland cavaliers before moving on to the Philadelphia 76ers. Philadelphia was the best experience in the NBA, because I had found the right confidence with the camp and built a good relationship with the team. The last team I played for in the NBA was Brooklyn, before flying to China for the 2016/2017 season, which I ended with the return in D-League, playing for the Salt Lake City Stars.


In 2017 a new chapter of my life opened with the call from the Italy of Vanoli Cremona, a team that plays in the highest national championship.

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Here I play 33 games, supported by a very hot public in a beautiful city, making an average of 11.3 points and 6.5 bounces per race. During the summer of 2018 I received an offer from Rome for the league of Serie A2; fascinated by the plan of a return to Serie A, I decided to move to the Italian capital and, in a historical vintage, We won the championship and returned to Serie A. Besides, I received the prize as the best player in the league. In July I decided to start a new career path, always in Italy, but with the fortitude Bologna. After a season of A2 Series, I returned to the Italian top series, in a warm and stimulating environment: the passion of the fans and the history of the club are for me a spur to give 100% every time I join the field.



#Simsity 4: Quarantine workout

Welcome back to #Simsity, my official blog, with the fourth appointment. The CoVid 19 pandemic that broke out last March suddenly stopped us, changing our lifestyle and forcing us into a quarantine. I miss basketball: I miss the games, the fans and my teammates. On the other hand, looking on the bright side, in this […]

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