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#Simsity 4: Quarantine workout

Welcome back to #Simsity, my official blog, with the fourth appointment.

The CoVid 19 pandemic that broke out last March suddenly stopped us, changing our lifestyle and forcing us into a quarantine. I miss basketball: I miss the games, the fans and my teammates. On the other hand, looking on the bright side, in this period I have had the chance to spend precious time with my family. In addition to the home training routine, I spent time learning how to start an activity, which I am going to do when my career as an athlete ends. Definitely, I am not wasting time!

Going back to basketball, I am training at home and in my neighborhood playground, focused on being in the best possible shape when I go back to the gym for next season’s training camp. Ah, I forgot: I am listening to music all day and I found fab stuff I will share with you in the coming days.

In the meantime, I want to show you my actual daily quarantine training to music. It is all about improving my physical condition and  speeding up my foot skills, without a ball or a basket. I thank my friend and artist Devin McCoy for his support in making this video.

Stay Tuned on #Simsity!