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Simsity 3: #IoRestoACasa

Hi everyone, welcome to the third episode of #Simsity, my official blog.

Last time I wrote we qualified for the LBA Final Eight, an unthinkable result at the beginning of the season: the output of the daily work of an increasingly cohesive group.
In Pesaro we reached the semifinals in front of our warm supporters, beating Sassari in the quarterfinals in a tough fought game and then, the following day, we stopped our race losing against Brindisi, their best game since the beginning of the season. We have achieved a great result and I am really proud of my boys for what we have built and for what we are continuing to do.

Since that day, February 15th, we have not played any more games. We continued to train in the gym on a regular basis every day, but the rapid and dangerous spread of Covid-19 led the Italian government to suspend the championships in all sports. According to what has been decided, we will stay at home until April 3 without going out, except for extraordinary reasons. In my life I have achieved the most important goals with sacrifice and respect for the rules; so I am sure that, at this moment, following the indications of those who govern and make decisions is the best way to win this game against Covid-19 .

The biggest sacrifice I’m making is to stay away from my greatest affections, basketball and family, in a moment of fear and uncertainty. This sacrifice, however, is contrasted by a strong sense of belonging for this country which makes me to feel close to all those who are experiencing the same situation of mine, with the awareness that we will win.

I also decided to join the iorestoa.casa project and make a donation to the “Protezione Civile” to support the intensive care departments of Italian hospitals. Today more than ever it is necessary to help each other to stop the spread of the virus. Staying at home is the first step, but it is not enough: we concretely help the “Protezione Civile” with a donation to purchase other hospital facilities useful to support the work of all the medical staff who, with enormous efforts, continue to protect Italy. Together, we can make the best assist to score the most important basket of our life.


In the meantime, I want to live these days of quarantine by sharing and commenting my music with you. I am listening a lot to the project released in 2018 by Westside Gunn, Supreme Blientele. If you are looking for a way to spend time, how about sharing your music with me? See you on Instagram!

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I will share your stories and draw up a final list of my favorites.

I can’t wait to listen to your music during these days and share this passion with you!