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Welcome to #Simsity! – My first months in Bologna with Fortitudo

#Simsity – August 2019/January 2020

My days, the travels shared with the teammates and the fans; the games, the victories and defeats, the good intentions and regrets: of this, and much more, I will tell you in Simsity, the diary of my life. Ah, and about the rhythm of music, of course, my music.

In this episode I will talk about my first months in Bologna with Fortitudo: club for which I fight, the fans that I admire, the city that I love.

Why #Simsity?

#Simsity is Henry at 360°. Sims on the parquet and Henry off the basketball court. It’s that part of Sims that you don’t see on the field and that part of Henry living out of the gym. Simsity is that ever-open professional knowledge that leads me to learn from the mistakes of the past and the willpower to raise the bar more and more for the challenges I face with the determination to overcome day after day and season after season my limits: as I did in these first months of Fortitudo…

I put the headphones on,i connect them to the phone, select Tana Talk 3 by Benny The Butcher from my playlist, the album I’ve listened most frequently since I’m in Bologna and I start to tell you about my Bologna experience.

Four months have passed since I arrived in Bologna: a new city, a new team and an exciting adventure in one of the most important Italian basketball clubs, supported by the warmest fans I have ever seen. I was impressed last May, when I played with the Virtus Roma and faced the champions of the East Group at PalaDozza in the last match of the season; then, ironically, I started my sport session with the Fortitudo. In the career of a professional player, one of the most difficult moments is during the transfer from one team to another, from one city to another: is the desire to do better than the previous year, and with the uncertainty of a new path, but with the awareness that you must always prove your skills to those who are betting on you.


“I’ll hold on and then I’ll be right” – Benny The Butcher’s sentence ringing in my ears. At the beginning of the season I couldn’t help my companions on the field because of an injury. Recovering physical fitness is not easy and it is important to be mentally strong in order to don’t give up; as Benny sings, “utopia has never given me much help” in life, so I learned to achieve results with sacrifice and sweat, using them as a point of reference in times of difficulty. So, after the injury, I set myself the goal of being ready for my teammates as soon as possible and I started working with the medical staff with intensity and dedication.

On 27 October, after 40 days of stop, I made my seasonal debut against Pistoia, in front of a packed PalaDozza that led us to victory. I finally felt like I was helping my mates. “Few believed in us”, yet we are showing our value in every italian Sport arena and obtaining good results, such as winning against the Olimpia Milano and our position in the LBA standing.

Henry Sims vs Milano

It’s just ended a year that for me was very important, the 2019, first with the Virtus Roma and the return in Serie A and since August with the Fortitudo here in Bologna. Last Sunday we won a very important match against Reggio Emilia and we qualified for the Zurich Connect Final Eight 2020, accomplishing the first goal of this year.

Go Fortitudo!

In the next episode of #Simsity I’ll tell you about the beginning of 2020. Let’s go!